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Getting them more time for the creative part of their work.

The camp was founded in Vancouver, BC Canada on June 18th, 2007 by Mr. Andrew Wong as a place for kids to have a safe, fun and adventures filled summer camp experience with an emphasis on respect and communication skills. The official name of the camp is Pear Tree Education – Camp Organizer.


Summer camp is a fun and relaxed experience for kids, where they can get to know each other, get some exercise and play games. Pear Tree Education has developed a unique approach to summer camps that delivers a balanced program that is safe, educational and entertaining.

We should not think of these summer camp organizers as a replacement for human camp organizers. They just provide assistance to the human camp leaders by getting rid of camp management responsibilities and getting them more time for the creative part of their work.

Summer camp is a time where children can come together and have fun. The event lasts all summer long. It is an opportunity for children to experience different cultures, languages and countries.

Pear Tree provides a wide range of recreational activities using a combination of the best activities, equipment and campers to create a unique and fun experience for children. The activities are designed so that everyone can be a part of the activity without having to pay anything extra or worry about how much they’re going to get paid.

Kayak ride Dinosaur saddle bike Camper on fire escape Elephant with trampoline Golfing with dogs Camping in the park with kayaks Mountaineering – peaks in Canada Water sport – swimming or sailing Ziplining Big pond trip Skateboarding Sky diving Trampoline Parks dog sled ride Family workshop Animation – movie making Projector Video games Arcade machines Playgrounds Everywhere summer camp 2023

Summer camps are one big party! They cost only 4$ per day if you book them at least

Pear Tree is a not-for-profit organization that is part of the Pear Tree Education Group. It offers residential and day programs for children in Vancouver and BC. They also provide educational and cultural activities for families across Canada through their Toronto office.

The Pear Tree Summer Camps are based on the philosophy of “children’s education at its finest”. The camp offers a unique blend of activities including arts, music, cooking, gymnastics, storytelling & baking classes to give the child (aged 6 to 12) time away from daily distractions to discover who they are and where they come from.

Vancouver summer camps offer one-on-one sessions with camp counselors specializing in their respective areas of expertise such as dance or sports training; creativity & art; technology/computer programming; math & science; language learning; etiquette & nautical life skills etc. They also offer skills workshops that run every week during the summer season (on Thursdays) which focus on


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